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J Lenni Dorner

High Fantasy

The Dagger in the Darkrise

Suppose the gift of choice was taken from you. What you're wearing now, what you last ate, even the position of your body as you read this line at a job someone decided you would take. Imagine having no say in any of it. Alison refuses to live a life she hasn't selected for herself. It starts with a ceremony that will tell her what job she'll get and if she'll marry. It climaxes with her most intimate choice being stolen. She'll embrace the most feared, forbidden ways to fight in the Darkrise, risking it all for the precious gift of choice.

Alison is a young woman who turns down the opportunity to marry the prince, prepares instead to lead an army, and discovers a plot to destroy her kingdom. The future will always come, so she must decide if her path will be the result of her own choices, or someone else's. A utopia will fall in The Dagger in the Darkrise, a dark, high fantasy novel for adults, is approximately 90,000 words.

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