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J Lenni Dorner

Urban Fantasy

The Existence Series

Would you risk the world so your love might be happy, even if it meant being apart?
Can unexpected secrets defy love obstacles?
Love will need to transcend the lashing rains and howling winds or our world may end!

Xavier Doyen has to reunite his kind to protect life on Earth. He has been searching for their missing one, who is also his true mate, and believes that, in an online gaming community, he has found her at last. Unfortunately, she is engaged through an arranged marriage, is on the other
side of the country, and has no idea what she really is.

Gwendolyn, who uses the handle "Candra," is a sheltered Californian. Xavier needs her to help save the world. Her happiness would be his sacrifice. Ultimately, She will need to break free of her shell, choose independence, and brave the unknown before it is too late.

In this dark, pre-apocalypse series, Xavier and his kind are the reason that many ancient civilizations that never met have similar legends. Only if his kind is reunited will they stand a chance to defeat The Eyes in the Shadows, a group dedicated to bringing the apocalypse. 
This 90, 000 word urban fantasy intends to leave the reader with the marketing buzz-worthy question, "What are they?" 

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